Open Rhinoplasty

The nose looks pretty natural. With Open Rhinoplasty Surgery

Open Rhinoplasty (Open Rhinoplasty), or the Thai Open. A new nose enhancement technique imported from Japan. It is open-skin surgery from the nose upward, similar to the opening of the bonnet. For the surgeon to decorate the nose cartilage can be resolved thoroughly. And the cartilage behind the ear can be added to make it more beautiful. Especially those with short nose, narrow nose, big nose, want to be smaller, wide noses, nose correction, open nose correction can help you effectively. While silicone supplementation can not correct bone structure.

Open Rhinoplasty

Open nose surgery It is very popular in Korea. Because the decoration of the nose in this way can correct the nose. Can make a short nose, long nose to the nose, small to slender, most of which rhinoplasty and rhinoplasty. Open is suitable for people with short noses. If silicone only, it can not be drip or stretch. Or, if possible, it will risk the penetration of silicone. The technical open support. It is used cartilage in the nose. And after the ear to fill the pearl late. To make the nose longer, there are drops of water and no risk of penetration in the future. The nose case. It will open the nose to cut the structure of the nose. Or nose, it will cut the meat inside the nose. Make pearls smaller and more slender. Nasal enhancement with open technique. After being completely recovered, the pearl will be beautiful and natural.

Those who are Candidate for Open Rhinoplasty surgery.

  • Those who want a long nose. The original nose had no drops of water or short nose or pork nose.
  • Those who want a good nose tip. Than the normal nose. And fear of penetration Or have a history of penetration
  • Those with a thick nose, nose, and nose. Not proportionate
  • Those with a wing nose. And want to cut nose But scared of scars from the nose cut.
  • People with a high bone hematoma.
  • Those with an incline original bone base. Or abnormal thickness Can not be added to normal
  • Those with middle tilt nose plate. Nose is not equal.
  • It is suitable for the correction of cases where the nasal congestion is normal.
  • who used to use fillers. And want to strengthen the nose. Because it can remove the filler part more.
  • Those who want to pearl look pretty and natural nature is not clear.

Preparation before rhinoplasty Open Rhinoplasty

  • Abstain from eating one night. Before surgery Or, according to the surgeon ordered.
  • Abstain from alcohol for at least a week before surgery. Because alcohol has slowed wound healing process.
  • No smoking before surgery.
  • Some surgeons may recommend taking medication to stimulate the body to heal wounds or steroids. To reduce inflammation and to heal wounds.
  • Quench of fermentation to prevent itching and allergies.

Open Rhinoplasty

Open surgery surgery It is a surgical procedure by giving anesthesia to a specialist anesthesiologist who can take care of the anesthesia while performing surgery. Then the surgeon will cut the wound under the nose under the nose. Then open the skin from the tip of the nose. To trim the nose cartilage by making it smaller. And the tip of the nose with cartilage in conjunction with the medial or nasal barrier. To be more length. The extra materials are taken from the body of the person who undergoes the surgery itself, such as cartilage behind the ear. Framework bone (Depending on the surgeon evaluating. Most of them use only the bones behind the ear is enough)

Including the nose and nose surgery to sharpen the nose and bone to be more slender. If the person undergoing surgery has a wide nose problem. Some cases may not be supplemented with any synthetic material, depending on the suitability of the surgeon’s assessment. But if the height of the ridge is not enough. The surgeon will choose to use silicone or Gore-Tex only on top of the nose. There is no risk of nose penetration in the future because the nasal area of ​​the surgeon is all cartilage.

Postnatal rhinoplasty

  • open nose surgery Will have a reduction in swelling. So do not compress the cold. But care must be taken not to break. Or forbid the plaster itself is strictly prohibited. It will cause more swelling and tilt.
  • After surgery. You may find that bleeding from the nose about 1-2 days after surgery. Should be gently wiped from the skin outside the nose.
  • In one month, avoid wearing glasses or sunglasses. And stop smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • The pain area is only a few days only 1-7 days only. But symptoms may also vary from person to person.
  • Use cold compress in front of the surgery and 1 day after surgery. Will reduce swelling.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol in the first month and for a few more weeks, and avoid heavy physical exercise as well.

Possible complications after surgery.

  • Swelling especially in the eye area because it is a space to pee in the surgery. Blood and lymph It will not come out completely because it is away from the ulcer very much. Some people find green under the eyes. The lymph and blood are absorbed by the body.
  • The redness of the skin is caused by the ridge and the tight end of the nose of the elbow. It will fade itself.
  • Not beautiful, not preventable, need to specify the shape of the nose to the doctor clearly. Before surgery Naturally, the shape of the nose will be clearer. It will look smaller than the time it takes the membrane. Nasal replacement or correction after first surgery for at least 6 months to restore inflammation and tissue back to normal.

The nose is pretty natural with Open Rhinoplasty at ID Cosmetic.

This technique of open nose surgery. Whether to correct the problem nose to return to normal. Or a nose from the diminutive. Pretty good It is very delicate that our surgeons pay attention to the ID Cosmetic. We are a beauty expert who designs and performs surgery to suit the structure of the people who come for cosmetic surgery. Including the safety you get. Due to surgery with this open technique. It is a surgery with a sleep disorder. We have a specialist specialist in the clinic who can provide safety during surgery. Including nursing care throughout the rehabilitation at our clinic. So be assured In addition to the beauty you will be satisfied. You also get the safety of surgery as well.

However, the open nose is considered surgery is quite difficult. And it requires a lot of expertise of the surgeon. Therefore, this type of surgery should be done by a specialized surgeon. Because if done without expertise can cause complications. And if you are looking for a skilled surgeon. We recommend to come to the Cosmetic ID. We are happy to serve you.

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