Restylane Injection

Restylane Injection

One of cosmetic surgery method is the Restylane injections. This method is one of the most popular for cosmetic surgery. Restylane injections can be used to smoothening wrinkles and other sculpting lips. Restylane is very unique and differs from many cosmetic fillers. This is why Restylane is still in the market today.

The origin of Restylane was first produced in Sweden. It is very well known and has been used widely in Europe.

Restylane has been approved by FDA. In depth about Restylane, it made of biodegradable hyaluronic acid. Therefore Restylane is a natural substance that we can put in your living organisms.

The acid in Restylane can give your skin fullness. The way to use Restylane is to inject it beneath the surface of your skin.

Beside of smoothening wrinkles by injecting Restylane, we can also use it for lip augmentation.

Normally this method of cosmetic surgery will be performed with local anesthesia. You will feel no pain, or just a little discomfort from the needle when the injection happens.

The injection Restylane only takes around 5-30 minutes. So this is not a big deal or much to worry about this cosmetic surgery method.

However you may have a swelling 2-3 days after having Restylane injection. In this mean time you should stay out of the sun.

Sometimes additional treatment also required in order to achieve a patient’s desired. This can be done after the consultation to know more of the goals between you and the doctor.

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