Sex Change,Sex Reassignment Surgery

Make a dream come true. Want to change sex is not difficult with sex change.

Today there are many Those who are born to be male. But … there is a female mind. And want to choose to live in a way that we love each other more. Because Thai society changed from the former. Men dressed up as women are seen to be full. Especially men who want to look outside the state of mind.

Sex change Surgery

Sex reversal surgery is the last step to help people with mental illness. Conflicts between sexual perception and inconsistent physical condition from birth. By surgery to have the genitalia meet their own mental condition. And they can live happily with their newly chosen sex. Therefore, surgery to change sex is the most important surgery. This will affect the new way of life. Should be prepared to find out about the surgery before deciding. Especially the decision to choose the surgeon.

Must be experienced. And have expertise in sex change surgery as well. This will get the shape of the external sex as beautiful as nature. Depth of the vagina according to body condition. And can get a good sense of sex. It helps those who undergo surgery have a physical condition consistent with the state of mind. Can live in a normal society.

Who is eligible for Sex Change Surgery?

Sex reversal surgery is suitable for people with mental illness. Conflicts between gender perceptions and inconsistent physical conditions. From the medical origin is called Gender Dysphoria surgery to have the genitalia meet their own mental condition. And they can live happily with their newly chosen sex. Therefore, surgery to change sex is the most important surgery. This will affect the new way of life. And help those who undergo surgery are in accordance with the state of mind. Can live in a normal society. The qualities of men who change gender from male to female.

  • – The patient must be 20 years of age or under age 20 or younger. The law allows for surgery.
  • – have been feeling for a long time Or from the beginning
  • – Must have been female hormone consecutively for not less than 1 year.
  • – Feel your sex penis. Think of it as a surplus. Have lived a woman for less than 1 year.
  • – Have passed the mental state assessment and received a certificate from a psychiatrist. That is normal and appropriate conditions that make sex surgery. Must have a healthy body.

Male Female Transplantation There are 3 ways to divide new vaginal techniques.

Preoperatively, men who have undergone male-female sex surgery should consult a surgeon who deals with procedures and procedures. To determine the most appropriate and safe surgical options for surgeons.

  • Normal (Penile Skin Inversion) creates a vagina from the penis skin.
  • Penile Skin Inversion (Scrotal Skin Graft) creates a vagina from the penis skin to the scrotal skin.
  • Sigmoid Colon + Penile Skin Inversion. The creation of the vagina from the penis skin to the large intestine.

Choosing the right technique

Those who undergo male or female surgeries can decide. Before transgene sex, if the lingam (between clots)

  • – Persons with longer than 6 inches of lingual can convert normal sex. After surgery. Can make artificial vagina more than 6 inches.
  • – The average length of the penis is about 2 – 6 inches. The normal sex can be converted by using Scrotal Skin graft technique. Can make artificial vagina deeper than 4-6 inches.
  • – Those with shorter than 2 inches of the testes are recommended to be transsexual. With the intestinal. Can make Make artificial vagina more than 6 inches deep.

For the spot Perceive feelings during sex

The original technique has three dots.

  • The first point is the tip of the penis that is made up of Clitoris. This spot is located on top of the female genitalia.
  • The second point is the urinary tract.
  • The third point is the prostate.

New Techniques of Cosmetic ID

There are at least 5 main points at every point.

  • The first point is the tip of the penis that is made up of Clitoris. This spot is located on top of the penis.
  • The second point is that the urethra will be brought to the vagina.
  • The third point is that the prostate will stay inside.
  • The fourth point is the outer edge of the bow to give a sense of Sensitive.
  • The fifth point is the outside and between the entrance of the vagina.

These five points are more prone to failure than before.

The important steps of creating a woman’s vagina are 3 ways.

  • Creating a vagina from the penis skin In cases where surgeons have more than 6 inches
  • Creating a vagina from the penis skin to the skin of the scrotum. In cases where the person seeking surgery has a penis length between 2 and 6 inches
  • Creating a vagina from the penis to the large intestine In cases where surgeons have less than 2 inches of the genital area, or if the surgeon requires a vagina of more than 8 inches

The advantages of creating a vagina from the penis and the large intestine.

  • – have a more flexible vagina.
  • – There is a real lubricant.
  • – longer vagina
  • – The surface is smooth, not coarse and hairless.

Disadvantages of creating vagina from penis skin and large intestine.

  • – The wound is about 1 inch thin.
  • – may leak to be repaired.

Preparation before transsexual surgery

Because ID Cosmetic is a specialized institution in plastic surgery. And international gender transitions are fully aware of medical ethics. Those who are interested in male-female sex reversal must adhere to the HBIGDA (International Bench- line International Dysphoria Association, Inc.) guidelines for transgender intercourse.

  • Persons who undergo male-to-female transplants require a letter from a psychotherapist or a psychiatrist or endocrinologist. Or general practitioner
  • Do not eat or inject hormone before surgery 2 or 4 weeks, respectively. To reduce the chance of vein clots. However, the hormone suppression must be under the doctor’s diagnosis strictly.
  • Detailed examination 3 weeks before transsexual surgery. Patients undergoing surgery must undergo laboratory tests, including blood tests for HIV, minerals, sugar, liver and kidneys, urine, cardiac catheterization, etc.

In addition, those who are interested in male-to-female sex ratios are required.

  • Allergy alert Current medications or supplements before surgery if there is a medical condition. Please tell your surgeon in advance.
  • Take aspirin, ibuprofen, and vitamin E two weeks prior to surgery.
  • No smoking before surgery 2 weeks and after surgery 4 weeks.

For those who want to have sex with HIV infection can get transsexual surgery. But it will have to increase the cost by 30%, as it will require a personal medical device.

The procedure of creating a vagina from the penis to the large intestine.

  1. Before surgery The surgeon will provide anesthesia By every anesthesiologist before.
  2. The surgeon will make a new vagina. By penetrating the muscles between the anus and the urethra. Have a depth of about 4 to 8 inches (women generally have a vagina about 4 inches deep).
  3. Then the surgeon cuts open the testis. And castration Then open the longitudinal penis skin while still keeping the skin of the penis that encapsulates the nerves.
  4. The surgeon separates and maintains the urethra from the penis core to the connective tissue between the clitoris and the urethra.
  5. Cut off the head and neck of the penis kept in step 3 by keeping the skin in the middle. This skin will later be made into a clitoris of the female genitals.
  6. The colon is about 15 to 20 cm to the skin of the penis from step 3 to the skin of the vagina.
  7. Create clitoris (Clitoroplasty) from the penis skin that has been stored since stage 5. This new clitoris is still completely nerve. So those who undergo surgery will still feel the same when having sex.
  8. Place the urethra from step 4 into the connective tissue between the clitoris and the urethra. With this method, it is possible to get a real flute. It is all beautiful pink, this method is different from that done abroad to use the skin instead. Make the female genital organs have a dull color is not beautiful.
  9. Adjust the shape of the female genitalia beautiful both cam and cam except penis and testicle.

Sex reversal surgery

  • Surgeons will spend 2-3 hours in surgery.

Results for transgender intestinal transplants

By placing the urethra into the skin, the connection between the clitoris and the urethra. It makes people who want to have a pink plastic surgery throughout. Unlike the way foreigners do each other. At last, the female genital organs will be dull. However, this method requires the experience and expertise of a surgeon who performs advanced surgery. Because the urethra used is likely to contract. Make the position of the urinary tract move wrong position over time. In addition to those who want to have surgery to have a flaccid color. Beautiful and realistic shape Newly made clitoris also has complete nerve. Feelings can be normal when sex, such as true lubrication, can have sex fast, long vagina, very small chance of vaginal birth. And it can determine the depth of the vagina over normal sex. It depends on your care.

Side effect

Because of transsexuals. The urinary catheter should be inserted. This may cause the opening of the urinary tract, swelling and urinary excretion not initially. After removing the pipe out. These symptoms are common and disappear when swelling is reduced. In addition, those who perform surgery. May suffer from bleeding in the first place. But the symptoms will improve over time, about 24 hours after surgery.

Medical treatment

The surgeon will insert the urinary catheter to prevent recurrence of the reconstructed duct and to allow the person undergoing transplant surgery to urinate easily. No injuries In addition, the surgeon inserts a vaginal douche into the vagina at the first stage to lining the blood and prevent vaginal contraction from pulling the wound back into the vagina. Surgical recipients must perform rigorous procedures to care for new wounds and vaginas. It will be cut within 7 to 10 days after surgery.

Recovery period

The surgeon takes 3 to 5 weeks to recover from the surgery.

Wound care after male surgeries is female.

After the surgeon brought the gauze out of the vagina. Patients undergoing surgery must adhere strictly to the vaginal delivery guidelines. This practice reduces the chances of the vagina contracting from a wound that begins to contract. Make the vagina as deep as desired. On the part of cleaning the external wounds. Those who undergo surgery will receive antiseptic soaps to clean wounds while showering. Press the wound for about 15 minutes if bleeding and then put on the bind. In the cleaning of wounds within the vagina. Patients undergoing surgery will be cleaned with 1 liter disinfectant mixed with 5 to 10 cc Benadryl and then disinfected in the vagina as recommended by the physician.

Those who undergo surgery. The sanitary napkins need to be changed 2 to 3 times a day, as there may be bleeding during the first week after surgery. After surgery for about 1 month, the surgeon will have to apply the antiseptic cream throughout the vagina to soften. Not rough Internal wounds begin to disappear after about 6 months of surgery in the area of ​​female hormone. You can return to eat after surgery for about 2 months, however, because the size of the hormone after surgery. Recipients of the surgery have to consult closely with an endocrinologist.

Sex change assures females with ID Cosmetic

Male genital mutilation is a female genital surgery. Like the female genitals And create a new vagina With the techniques of specialized doctors. Until now, surgical techniques have developed and changed so much. Makes the shape of the newly created penis more similar to the female genitals. The external shape is Labia Major, Labia Minor, Female Clitoris and Vagina. ID Cosmetic has specialized plastic surgeons. Expertise and expertise in sex reassignment as well. There are also specialized techniques in the surgery, in addition to the external shape similar to the female. Feelings and touch. Very good

However, surgery to convert sex. At present, it can be considered as not complicated or very complicated. But the surgery will work beautifully. The surgeon must have experience and expertise only. So you are thinking of transsexual surgery, so choose a beauty institute with a really skilled doctor. For the results that make you look the most female. Until anyone can not see it out there.

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