Vaser Liposuction For Sixpack

There is a Six pack that the girls see is a must. With Vaser Techniques

What man Desire is inevitable, it is inevitable to have a cool puppet. Stomach muscles tighten the girls drool every time they see. But to get a firm abdominal muscles firmly. You guys have to invest in hard workouts for months. To get it But do you know that? It has a shortcut. To obtain Abdominal muscles tight Sigma Pipe Firmware Do not have to exercise with it.

Making Sixpack with Vaser Technique for Puppets

Abdominal muscle surgery with Vaser liposuction technique is a technique to apply liposuction to shape the muscles to look like the belly of an athlete. The aim is to flat stomach. The extent and shape of the muscles is curly and strong like the muscles of people who exercise regularly. This type of surgery is not a surgery to lose weight. But the shape of the fat on the belly. To be shaped like a muscle. The emphasis is on longitudinal muscles in the middle of the abdomen. It is similar to the shape of the muscles is a curved 3-4 wing, also known as Sixpack, may be liposuction on the side or bottom of the abdomen. To help the overall picture of the belly look better. After liposuction with Vaser technique, you will be able to show off the cool stuff. Confidently

The right person to do Sixpack with Vaser Technique

Those who have excess fat problems, particularly the abdominal area. This results in confidence in the shape. The Sixpack with Vaser technique will solve the problem. By only liposuction and six pack to ensure more shape. By fixing it, the problem of accumulation of fat around the abdomen. The more fat you have, the better. Sixpack’s Vaser technique will help to improve the appearance of the Six Pack. It is suitable for those who want to have a good shape, reduce fat or who have ever liposuction but are not satisfied in shape.

Preparation for Six Pack with Vaser

  • – Should consult a surgeon. To position to liposuction at least 1 week before surgery.
  • – Should tell the surgeon about the disease. Such as hypertension, diabetes and asthma.
  • – Abstain from stopping the blood, such as aspirin, pain, bruise. 2 weeks before surgery.
  • – Bathe to clean the body in the morning surgery.
  • – No food for at least 6 hours.
  • – If the pressure is high, the pressure should be less than 140/90 mm Hg (mm Hg).
  • – Due to partial bleeding surgery. People with heart disease Do not take large amounts of fat. Because the surgery causes a lot of blood loss. It affects the circulatory system.
  • – Prepare to stop for about 2 days.
  • – Stop smoking about 1-2 weeks before surgery.
  • – Prepare to shave belly or chest in the morning surgery.
  • – should have friends Take home after surgery

Step Six Pack with Vaser

  1. – Before surgery, the surgeon will draw. Position to liposuction in standing position. It is at the position to liposuction to the groove of the muscles. It will determine the position that will cause the middle groove. The sides of the muscles and the transverse joint 2-4, and if the waist to the waist, it will draw before surgery.
  2. – Surgery performed by anesthesia or local anesthesia. Together with sleeping pills by anesthetist
  3. – The surgeon opens a small incision of about 0.5 cm in the abdomen below the navel and the abdominal side. In position to do groove of muscle.
  4. – Use saline injection needles. And the drug stops bleeding through the open wound.
  5. – Surgeons will use a liposuction tube. To liposuction in the planned position. By liposuction is quite a lot of fat to the skin. In addition, it will be liposuction around. Navel over Normal liposuction To make the middle groove clear.
  6. – In people with very small muscle. The appearance of the fat may not be pronounced.
  7. – In some people may need to liposuction on the lower abdomen to shape a lot better.
  8. – If liposuction on the side and back may need to open the wound 1 more wound.
  9. – After liposuction completed. The surgeon places a foam pad or cotton wool on the liposuction groove and closes the tape to create a permanent groove. The abdomen over the foam pad or cotton wool again. It is advisable to close the foam pad or cotton swab for about 2 weeks after surgery. To press the groove is clear.

Post-surgical liposuction with Vaser to create Sixpack.

  • – After surgery at a clinic 1 day.
  • – Abstain from alcohol for 3 weeks after surgery, because it causes the lymphoma to remain in the wound.
  • – No smoking at least 2 weeks after surgery because the cigarette makes it heal slowly.
  • – Take the medicine as ordered by the surgeon. Should not take aspirin painkillers.
  • – The next day, the surgeon Will open the wound. And change the bandage But foam pads that are closed on the liposuction lip to close for another week.
  • – Cut appointment (if stitches) 5-7 days after surgery.
  • – Put on the belly for at least 3 to 6 weeks can remove the bath time and then re-enter.
  • – After surgery, do not lift more than 5 kg.
  • – There may be pain, swelling, usually not very severe. Can be relieved by oral medications.
  • – Be careful not to put heavy items on the belly.
  • – Can do normal activities in 1-2 weeks.
  • – It takes about 3-5 days to recover.
  • – Can return to work in a week.
  • – Abstain from abdominal muscles or heavy lifting 1-3 weeks.
  • – Shape to see the results of surgery clear 6 months after surgery. But in people who wear belly. Regular or tight-fitting clothing will see results sooner than 6 months.

Problems that may be found after surgery.

  • – problems arising from anesthesia May have drowsiness From the effects of doping.
  • – The bruise on the tea. But do not worry. These symptoms can be healed later.
  • – Infections may be infected. After doing so, there will be water from the wound in the first 1-2 days should always clean the wound to prevent infection.
  • – Some people may have leg vein thrombosis. Including lung and heart complications.

Six Pack Manicure Pack with Vaser Technique at ID Cosmetic

ID Cosmetic has led the evolution of medical science to use liposuction already. To be more effective The technique of liposuction Vaser is a blend of not only a flat stomach only. But to create Sixpack, you have the shape and style of a man. Which is the need for girls to have a shortcut. Without having to spend a lot of time to work longer, safe, less pain by the skill of a specialist in this particular field.

Remove fat from the body. Considered a cosmetic surgery. For security reasons. Before cosmetic surgery. Choose a professional and experienced surgeon. Also, select a location and a sterile laboratory. Meet international standards before making a decision.

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