Vaser High Definition Sculpting

Say goodbye to excess fat. Beautiful puppet and dream shape with Vaser Smooth High Definition

When it comes to excess fat. Everyone would think of their own shape, fat, round, and fat cellulite accumulated under the skin to look ugly, these are all a concern for people who want to have a beautiful shape to very much. Many people see that. If you want to eliminate excess fat. Is difficult ID Cosmetic will recommend how to reduce excess body fat in a safe and natural way to leave each other.

The Right Vaser Smooth High Definition

People with excess fat Still, it is a vicious circle for many girls, because excess fat is responsible for the unattractive shape. The limbs do not tighten the abdomen, protruding to wear clothes do not look beautiful. Make worry and run out of confidence. In addition, excess fat also makes the skin, such as skin, orange peel, chicken skin, thighs, upper arms, back, neck, shoulder, abdomen or face. To feel more up.

Fat problem with liposuction with VASER.

VASER is a new technology for high fat removal. It is a specialized liposuction for the body to have more compact proportions. The principle is to release ultrasound at a frequency that is specifically destructive to fat cells in the fat. Make fat lumps become liquid And physicians can easily suck out of the body. Without the adjacent tissues like veins and nerve cells around. Damaged or inflicted very little. Reduces bruising and swelling after treatment. Make the wound heal faster Patients recover faster Because it is only absorbing fat cells away. The collagen tissues that support the skin are not destroyed or damaged. The risk of infection or complications is minimal. Provides fast and clear results. Some people can be observed within 1-2 days after doing that the proportion drops significantly.

Who is suitable to liposuction?

VASER works for people with the most stubborn fat no matter how much exercise do not lower or no effect at all. Especially around the abdomen, hips, thighs and can be used with almost all parts of the body. Whether it is under the chin. Bump in the back, neck, arm, back, waist or knee, some people may have fat bulging out, it can be eliminated by VASER is a method of fat removal for people looking for a safe, fast, less painful to see results from. VASER treatment once been certified by the United States Food and drug Administration (US FDA) and Thailand (FDA). the efficacy and safety of the VASER current. Has been developed to help solve the problem of heat that occurs in the tissue and skin burns if exposed to heat in the pipeline for a long time. By reducing the thermal energy generated by sound waves. (Ulttrasound) down about 50%

Liposuction procedure with VASER

To see a doctor for the first diagnosis. The doctor will ask about the patient’s expectations of how to shape. May ask for pictures of people who have already made a decision. Then describe the method and procedure of liposuction. Potential complications. Post-treatment results Limitations of liposuction, cost, including pre-preparation and care after treatment. On appointment day The doctor examines the body to see the elasticity of the skin. Muscle strength Where fat is accumulated Patients should report illness such as condoms, history, drug use, etc. to the doctor.

For the liposuction procedure with VASER, the fat removal area is filled with special saline and anesthetics. Helps not hurt, reduce bruising and blood loss. After that, the doctor will use a VASER machine with a small head size of 2-3 mm inserted through the skin to the head VASER contact with the fat that needs to break down directly. Ultrasound is done to destroy specific fat cells. The fat that decomposes into fluid. And it is easily sucked out. Liposuction takes about 1 hour to 1 point. When sucked out as desired, the skin is stitched 1 needle, scar barely visible when the wound healed. After treatment, there is little bruise and swelling. Patients can return home immediately. And can return to work within 3 – 7 days

Results after liposuction.

Usually after liposuction, there may be some bruises. Doctors recommend the use of stretch fabrics in areas where liposuction is recommended. To help reduce swelling and tighten the muscles. Make the wound heal faster and shape faster. Liposuction with VASER will take less resting period than traditional liposuction. After about 3 weeks of liposuction with VASER, patients will begin to see changes in shape. After about 3 to 6 months after liposuction should abstain from exercise for about 1 month, then exercise to help the skin and muscles in the area where the liposuction is stronger. Makes the body more slender shape. However, since the skin of older people is less drowsy than those who are still young, liposuction in the young will provide better results.

In addition to the medical technology that helps to make liposuction more effective. It is important to keep your shape as desired, with no skin after wave or no complications. Is a technique of liposuction by skilled and skilled doctors, so choosing a specialist surgeon. In conjunction with the availability of medical facilities. To make the results after treatment is the most satisfying you.

Vaser Smooth High Definition with ID Cosmetic

ID Cosmetic We use a special Vaser Smooth HD liposuction technique, which is superior to Vaser in general. Vaser HD will help to break down fat in the deepest layer of skin, but Vaser Smooth HD will help in fat breakdown. In deep skin, it will also help break down fat in the skin of the shallow layer. Vaser Smooth HD can permanently remove cellulite. Hard to reach Like the nerves, blood vessels, connective tissues such as muscle tissue. And tissue Liposuction in this way is finely detailed, with only a structure that causes dents on the skin to smooth the surface. By using ultrasound technology to dissolve fat. To help smooth out the skin than regular Vaser HD, it is also safe with a specialist experienced surgeon. After the recovery can be faster. And reveal the perfect proportions you want.

Just this girl. It can have a pretty quick match. Along with the lost fat layer becomes the tightening muscles required. It also improves the health of the body. Reduce disease and strengthen the immune system with one another.

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